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Our extremely simply & modern software works on Windows, Mac and in the cloud. We provide Tally integration out of the box as well

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Product Highlights

Invento is a User-Friendly, Customizable Inventory Management System for All Platforms with Desktop and Cloud Hybrid Syncing Functionality!

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Single-User Desktop Software (FREE)

The product works on desktop and can be used as multi-user LAN software

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Multi-User Desktop Software (on LAN)

Based on your requirements, the software will be tailormade for your company!

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Tally Integration

We can pull your Stock categories, ledgers from Tally and then push all your stock entries back

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Multi-User Cloud application

Cloud version of the app can be accessed anywhere from any-device and is multi-user cloud app hosted in AWS

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Highly customizable

Software has been made highly customizable. Just tell us your requirements.

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Hybrid online/offline support

Complete your stock keeping when in offline mode and sync to cloud when you have Internet access

Take Control of Your Inventory

Experience the power of our FREE Basic platform. Upgrade to our paid Multi-user desktop or cloud software for enhanced features. Need customizations? Share your requirements and get your customizations delivered in just 7 days or less. Take action now and revolutionize your inventory management!